Katie and Jessica complete first Confession class

10 May
Katie and Jessica cut their cake!

Katie and Jessica cut their cake!

On Palm Sunday, our church community honored Katie and Jessica, who received the sacrament of Confession for the first time on the eve of Lazarus Saturday, April 3, 2015. The church prepared a luncheon in their honor, which included a celebratory cake. They each also received a beautiful Easter egg necklace to wear during the Paschal season—and to wear during future Paschal seasons, as a reminder of the day!

Palm Sunday celebration

Palm Sunday celebration

Both girls had worked hard during Great Lent to prepare to give their first Confession. During their Sunday church school classes with me, they studied some very difficult concepts—ideas that baffle even adult minds!

We discussed perplexing questions like:

  • What is sin, and how does it affect us?
  • Why do we confess our sins?
  • How do we prepare for Confession?
  • What kinds of sins should we confess?
  • How do we actually give a Confession to a priest?
  • How do we go about asking for forgiveness from people we have hurt, and from God—and how do we forgive ourselves?

Katie and Jessica asked penetrating questions and displayed a lot of courage, astuteness, and thoughtfulness. So, they came well-prepared to give their first Confession and to receive God’s forgiveness.

Jessica and Katie with Fr. Steven

Jessica and Katie with Fr. Steven

Their first Confession is a reminder to all of us to confess the ways in which we have hurt God, each other, and ourselves. Their first Confession also reminds us to pay attention to the words of the Evangelist John, in his First Epistle:

If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. (I John:1:9)

The whole church community congratulates Jessica and Katie in taking this enormous step in their spiritual journeys! May God grant them many years!

In our risen Lord Jesus Christ, Father Steven, Pastor

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