Commencement & Congrats!

14 Jun
Congrats and good wishes to Jake and Melanie!

Congrats and good wishes to Jake and Melanie!

It’s late spring, and all the towns in the greater Bridgeport area are buzzing with the excitement of proms, commencement ceremonies, and graduation parties.

Two of our own high school parishioners, Jake and Melanie, are leaving us soon to start their next phase in life: college!

Today, our church community held a special Coffee Hour in their honor.

“It’s time to read today’s Epistle and Gospel”

We presented each of them with a blessed icon for their dorm room, a daily Scripture APP for their iPhone, a submission form to contact their local Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF), and scholarship money for all those “extras” college life demands. We also recognized Melanie’s efforts as a church school assistant, and Jake’s expertise as an altar server for many years.

Icons for your dorm rooms

Icons for your dorm rooms

Melanie and Jake, we’ll be praying for you and lighting candles for you each Sunday…and, we’ll miss you!

May God go with you, guiding your steps and keeping you in His Light (John 1:5).

Your Pastor, Fr. Steven

P.S. Our youngest members also received certificates of completion of their Church School year, and an illustrated Bible, so that they can continue to enjoy the Old Testament “heroes” they studied this year!

Youngest children complete Church School year

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