Many Years to missionaries Jesse and Juanita!

29 Jan

Dear Friends,

Since 2016 our parish has been supporting the education of Juanita Pascual, a native of Guatemala and an Orthodox Christian who is studying in the city of Huehuetenango to become a medical doctor. Juanita has received more than $6,000 from our parish over the years, and she has worked diligently, in the hope that upon graduation, she will work as a missionary doctor in a local medical clinic. 

In 2019 our parish also gave $1,000 in support of Jesse Brandow, a graduate of St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary and a long-term missionary in Guatemala, serving under the auspices of the Orthodox Christian Mission Center (OCMC). 

So, I thought you would want to hear the good news: Jesse and Juanita were married on December 29, 2019!

Jesse & Juanita on their wedding day (photo courtesy of OCMC)

The wedding took place at the Holy Annunciation Cathedral in Aguacate. They had the blessing of having their wedding service during the Divine Liturgy. Afterwards, they hosted a celebratory lunch for visitors from afar, as well as for the whole Orthodox community of Aguacate.

Juanita is from Aguacate, Guatemala, where Jesse met her as he was beginning his work as a missionary. Over the past couple of years, they have worked together, both in the choir and in the health clinic there. Eventually, after becoming good friends, they spoke about marriage, received Juanita’s parents’ blessing, and were soon engaged.

As a married couple, they will continue to be involved in mission work; Juanita will be completing her studies in Huehuetenango, where Jesse will join her and continue his work from there. Once Juanita graduates from medical school, the two plan to return to Aguacate, as a physician and a missionary.

Congratulations, Jesse and Juanita, and many years!

In Him, Fr. John Jillions, pastor

P.S. Please keep Jesse and Juanita in your prayers, and follow Jesse’s blog at:

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