Mini-retreat February 15: “Paul, Prayer & Pierogies”

31 Jan

Dear Friends,

On Saturday, February 15, our parish will be hosting a mini-retreat from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., with an intriguing theme: “Paul, Prayer & Pierogies.”

At this event I’ll exploring scriptural passages written by St. Paul that deal with the topic of divine guidance. And, our Parish Council Vice-President, Bob Denhup, will direct a class on how to make those mouth-watering Slavic dumplings known as ‘pierogies.’ The retreat will conclude with Vespers and General Confession at 4 p.m.

What’s the connection between three “P’s” in the retreat title? I guess it’s a simple matter of supply-and-demand; at this mini-retreat Bob and I are going to use our respective talents to feed a need:  a lot of people are equally concerned about their spiritual and bodily well-being, and we hope to nourish both!

During my talk, I’ll be using material from my newly published book: Divine Guidance: Lessons for Today from the World of Early Christianity (Oxford University Press, 2020). In particular I’ll be focusing on scriptural passages written by St. Paul to talk about : 1) In which ways was divine guidance perceived in ancient times?; and 2) What criteria can we use today to distinguish true from false guidance?

As a vivid example, both Mother Teresa of Calcutta and Osama Bin Laden claimed that their actions had been directed by God, so how does one assess the criteria they used to determine who truly did God’s will? More importantly, how do we discern God’s will in our own lives?

Bob and I hope you’ll come to our unique mini-retreat. Learn with us, do a fun culinary project with us, and pray with us. And please tell your friends and family about “Paul, Prayer & Pierogies.” We’d welcome them. Just let Bob know that you’ll be attending by February 9, so that we can plan accordingly:

In Him, Fr. John Jillions, pastor

P.S. If you are interested in reading more about the subject of divine guidance, Oxford University Press has arranged for you to receive 30% off the purchase price of my new book. You can access the coupon here.





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