1st phase of church restoration complete

25 Mar

The initial phase of a major restoration of our church building has been completed! Contractor Leo Chavez of LCT Home Improvement, LLC and his crew accomplished stunning work in refinishing the nave, sanctuary, choir loft, and ladies’ restroom. Additionally our own parishioner, Steven Doughty, took the lead in repairing sections of the ladies’ restroom, and our trustworthy plumber, Linson Rhodes, provided for the electrical and plumbing work in that room.

Chavez‘s love for our church and our parish members was evident as he accomplished the following detailed work quickly and equitably:
-Installed a new exterior wall with reinforced framing in the ladies’ room, thus stopping water penetration through the deteriorating existing wall, with the installation of a new vanity, sink, and mirror, along with new electrical and plumbing work;
-Patched and repaired holes in plaster walls throughout the stairwells and in the basement;
-Repaired and painted kitchen walls and performed professional cleaning of fixtures;
-Repaired heavily damaged walls in the choir loft, using multiple layers of new plaster, and painted the choir loft and the vaulted ceiling over it, including the addition of new hand-painted gold stars;
-Cleaned, sealed, and painted (2 coats) all walls and arches in the main part of the nave;
-Steamed-cleaned the large center chandelier, as well as the smaller chandeliers in the choir loft, and in the altar and vestibule areas;
-Repaired and painted the heating system vent/returns in the rear of the nave;
-Caulked and sealed around windows; and
-Performed a final cleaning of the church.

We are grateful to God for this breathtaking transformation, and we thank Chavez and all the workmen involved in the project.

2 Responses to “1st phase of church restoration complete”

  1. Joan/John Skrobat March 25, 2021 at 9:16 pm #

    Joyous Feast! “Today is the beginning of our SALVATION” What beautiful work to your Temple. God bless

  2. Helen B Mules July 10, 2021 at 3:13 pm #

    Wow. What a wonderful transformation. When we were there last, in Fr Belonick’s time, it was so dark and cavernous. Now it is bright and airy. Congratulations! Great job.

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