Finding Resources

IMG_5249 copy 2Have questions? New to the Orthodox Christian Church?

Here are some simple resources to help you:

And here are some not-so-simple but rich introductory books you can read:

Ancient Faith Radio has hundreds of podcasts for listening and downloading: sermons, spiritual advice, book reviews, morning meditations, scriptural commentary. You can download Ancient Faith Radio’s App to your iPad, iPhone, or iPad touch.

There are tons of YouTube videos about Orthodox Christianity that you can watch:

And there are over 8 million choices if you search “Orthodox Christian” in Google!

Additionally here is a list of helpful links, related not only to our parish’s place in the wider Orthodox world but also to some daily “spiritual food” that might be helpful:


But if you really want to experience the Orthodox Christian faith, please visit an Orthodox Christian parish and immerse yourself in the services.

Come and worship with us at Holy Ghost Church, 1510 East Main Street, Bridgeport, CT 06608. We’ll warmly welcome you!

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