Parish Ministries

photo 4 copy 3Twenty years ago, parish member Frank Kaputa responded to Jesus’ command to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and care for the stranger (Matt 25:31-46). Since that time, he and his crew of volunteers have passed out innumerable meals and warm clothing to the homeless that gather weekly under the bridge at John Street in our city.
Frank runs the “Human Services Ministry” at Holy Ghost Church, and many generous donors voluntarily support the work of him and his helpers. In 2012 Frank’s ministry was recognized by the Diocese of New England, which awarded Holy Ghost Church a grant of $750 to expand its work. Currently, Frank and his crew are not only passing out the usual meatball sandwiches to the homeless on John Street but also are photo 4 copy 2handing out warm clothing as winter approaches. Just to show how much this ministry touches the poor: in the first week of January 2013, Frank and his crew, including the teens from Holy Ghost, passed out 105 hoagies in 6 minutes.

Our other parish ministries include:

Outreach & Church Growth
Churches Services
Buildings & Grounds
Youth Ministry
Finance Ministry
Education Ministry
Group Ministry
Liturgical Ministry
Fund Raising Ministry
History & Archives Ministry

Are you interested in serving Christ and His Church? Contact Administrator Fr Steven Voytovich at  or 203-387-3882.

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